Jason Rubenstein, FOUR POINTS OF FOCUS

A breath-taking EP.

It would be hard to find a more appropriate word to describe the outstanding music of Jason Rubenstein than “focus.”  Focused, he most certainly is.  And, we’re all the better for it.

This past week, Rubenstein released an EP, FOUR POINTS OF FOCUS, roughly eighteen minutes of deeply intelligent and cinematic instrumental music, all centered around piano.

The tracks are: Acceleration; Consideration; Conviction; and Unequivocation.  Though I don’t know this for certain (though, I will–gloriously–be interviewing Rubenstein sometime in the next several weeks), certain important themes carry through every song, thus making the EP quite coherent.

As I’ve had the chance to note before, Rubinstein should, if there were justice in the world, be an A-list composer in Hollywood.  Every song I’ve ever heard by the man creates a short but meaningful movie in my head.

As to the musicianship, it, too, is simply beyond measure.  Imagine an early Brubeck on piano, Trevor Rabin on guitar, and Bill Bruford on drums (there’s even a clever FRAGILE moment on the fourth track, Unequivocation).  And, as to genre–well, there’s jazz, metal, New Wave, etc.

And, the EP is only $4.  Believe me, you’ll come out the winner when you add this to your collection.

To order it (and, yes, says Brad, do it!), go here: http://music.jasonrubenstein.com/album/four-points-of-focus


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