Burning Shed News (July 5, 2018)



Allow Yourself (cd/clear vinyl/t-shirt pre-order)

Nosound‘s 2018 studio album Allow Yourself finds the band in a new space once more, wholly embracing Alternative/Electronic influences and incorporating elements from The National, Notwist, and Portishead (alongside a production inspired by Bowie’s Blackstar and Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool).

Available as a CD in digipack reverse-board packaging with a 16-page booklet, a limited crystal clear 180g vinyl edition in a reverse-board gatefold sleeve at ‘early bird’ price, and a fetching red t-shirt.

Orders through Burning Shed will receive an exclusive signed postcard & wristband (while stocks last), immediate download of the first single Don’t You Dare and, on release date, the full album as an uncompressed binaural mix & FLAC 5.1 surround sound mix. One customer from pre-orders will be randomly selected to receive a signed vinyl test-press.

Pre-order for 21st September release.

Richard Barbieri

Variants 4 (cd pre-order)

The Variants 4 EP is the fourth in a series of releases by Richard Barbieri that collects disparate pieces of music from past and current works that don’t fit in with new album plans or concepts, but that Richard feels deserve to be heard.

Features performances from Luca Calabrese, and contains four studio works, including an intended Porcupine Tree intermission piece, and a significantly updated live version of The Experience Of Swimming.

CD in card wallet. At the end of this series, a beautiful and expansive package will be available (in which to house the CDs and better display the artwork).

Pre-order for 13th July release.


All One Tonight (various formats pre-order)

All One Tonight showcases Marillion‘s award-winning 2016 studio album F E A R in full, plus other classics from the band’s repertoire.

A Royal Albert Hall performance accompanied by a stunning light show and films, and including string quartet, flute, and French horn additions that inject an extra depth and emotion to some of Marillion’s best-loved live material.

Available in Blu-Ray, double DVD, double CD and quadruple vinyl formats.

Pre-order for 27th July release.

Galasphere 347

Galasphere 347 (cd/vinyl pre-order)

Stephen James Bennett, Jacob Holm-Lupo, Mattias Olsson and Ketil Vestrum Einarsen are Anglo-Norwegian Symphonic Progressive band Galasphere 347.

The band’s self-titled debut is a three track, forty minute album with eclectic Prog and Electronic influences (including from the band member’s other projects, Henry Fool and White Willow).

Mastered by Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd) and available as a CD and a vinyl in gatefold cover (designed by Jarrod Gosling).

Pre-order for 20th July release.

A Certain Ratio

Sextet (cd/vinyl pre-order)

A 2018 Mute label reissue of ACR‘s visionary 1982 studio release Sextet.

Available as a CD in digipak and as a limited edition orange vinyl edition resented in a textured sleeve replicating the original Factory label release.

Pre-order for 27th July release.

The Diagram Brothers

Some Marvels of Modern Science + Singles (cd pre-order)

An extended CD containing of the collected works of The Diagram Brothers, the cult Manchester post-punk band (often compared to XTC and Gang of Four).

Digitally remastered from the original studio tapes, Some Marvels of Modern Science + Singles features 24 tracks and runs for 74 minutes. In addition to all 14 tracks from their 1981 album on the New Hormones label (founded by Buzzcocks), the CD also features 10 bonus tracks from all four singles released between 1980 and 1982, including the ultra-rare Diagram Brothers German EP.

The remastered CD features a deluxe 16 page booklet featuring facsimile artwork and detailed liner notes.

Pre-order for 3rd August release.

David Clifton

The Unintended Consequences Of Architecture (cd)

A recording of Ambient Abstract Guitar compositions featuring electric guitar and ethereal guitar synth soundscapes.

David Clifton plays a modified Gretsch GA6120 guitar with electric, acoustic and MIDI outputs driving an assortment of new and vintage effects units, and a GR30 guitar synth.

Shipping now.


It’s Summer Goddammit!

Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, The Pineapple Thief, Pink Floyd, XTC, Yes and many more t-shirts in stock and shipping now.


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