The Definitive Case for Stryper: Archetypal Power Metal

This awesome video retrospective by Razörfist makes the definitive profane case for Stryper, one of the all-time greatest — but most criminally underrated — metal bands.

The history of the band is covered his video all the way up to 2015’s Fallen. In light of 2018’s equally superb release, God Damn Evil (banned at Walmart), it is a history very much worth revisiting.

Stryper have now remained at the top of their game ever since 2013 saw them kick off their contemporary trilogy of greatness (2013, 2015, 2018) with the excellence that is No More Hell to Pay.

Hell, even Mike Portnoy sat up and paid attention and recognized the achievement.

In the beginning, the band’s classic trilogy of killer metal from the early days of the 80s consisted of The Yellow and Black Attack (1984), Soldiers Under Command (1985), and To Hell with the Devil (1986).

In God We Trust (1988) and Against the Law (1990) were then the two albums of searching for the way forward, after having achieved platinum status and MTV fame with To Hell with the Devil. And, in the changing musical landscape of the 90s, the path wasn’t clear, so they broke up.

But with the metal renaissance of the new century, Stryper came back with two bold steps forward that reasserted their capacity for rocking hard: Reborn (2005) and Murder by Pride (2009).

Yet who would know that these two efforts were only the beginning of a new era, one about to give birth to their most consistently great music? But first, the way into their latter day trilogy of greatness (2013, 2015, 2018) was carefully prepared for, by a back-to-metal-roots album of excellent covers, The Covering (2011), and also by a sonic updating of their glory days, with the re-recording of classic Stryper songs on Second Coming (2013) .

If you’re a skeptic or an agnostic about Stryper’s preeminence, then watch the video below. Spin the albums, and mark my words: if you have an ounce of taste, you will find yourself turning into a believer — because Stryper has more than earned their place in the pantheon of metal greats.

3 thoughts on “The Definitive Case for Stryper: Archetypal Power Metal

  1. Back during my “pre-teen” years…………I was handed a “STRYPER” tape,by a school-friend of mine,and was told to “Listen to this man,it’s killer! “,so I did just that,and Wow………before I knew it,I was rockin to the sounds of Stryper back in the early 80’s,before MOST kids my age,even KNEW what the hell “Stryper” even WAS!?!? Lol.

    Point being,is that I enjoyed their uplifting and positive messages they’d put into their lyrics,while jamming good with their music!!! Nice post!!! 🙂

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  2. Great post. I was a very causal fan of Stryper in their 80’s heyday. It was not until the mid 90’s that I delved in and became a true fan. Stryper is that rare band, as they have grown older they have only gotten better. Their two most recent albums are arguably their absolute best. I saw the band in concert a few months back. Wow! I was blown a way.

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