With Apologies to Arjen!

Yesterday, I posted an editorial about 2018 being a moment of prog “selah”–as we all take a collective breath.  If anything, 2018 thus far has been defined not by its studio albums, but by its live albums.  I listed three: Glass Hammer’s Mostly Live in Italy; Marillion’s All One Tonight, and Big Big Train’s Merchants of Light.  Very stupidly–and quite by oversight–I forgot to mention a critical fourth live release, Ayreon Universe.

Here’s my review of Ayreon Universe: https://progarchy.com/2018/07/01/ayreon-opera-prog-totally-and-utterly-over-the-top/

With all of my apologies, Arjen!  As I noted in the previous review, you are THE MASTER!


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