Glass Hammer reveals CHRONOMONAUT!

Glass Hammer Chronomonaut
The cover from the latest album–a thing of intense beauty.
Straight from Steve “the Mighty” Babb!
Glass Hammer Set To Release “Chronomonaut” Concept Album
Glass Hammer have been teasing a concept album based on “the ultimate prog fan”, and now it’s official.
Fans will no doubt recognize the name “Tom” from 2000’s Chronometree release and videos on Glass Hammer’s social media sites show that Tom has recently resurfaced to promote his own music. Bassist Steve Babb explains, “While Chronometree documented Tom’s prog-rock influenced alien-encounter in 1979, our new album Chromomonaut tells the stranger story of all that happened later; from Tom’s failed early eighties prog-rock band, The Elf King, to his most recent musings on nostalgia and the glory days of progressive rock.”
“We wanted to create a truly immersive album experience,” says Babb.  “So we’ve been releasing videos of Tom and giving him a virtual life on the internet. He has recently interacted with other fans on prog forums and on his own social media pages. Tom’s attempts at restarting his old band have even been the source of articles on There was just something about him that fans really related to back in 2000 when Chronometree proved to be the turning point in Glass Hammer’s career. People liked that Tom took his music so seriously – he reminds us of ourselves, prog-fans and prog musicians alike. Tom loves his album collections, maybe too much. But then so do we.”
Bandmates Fred Schendel, Susie Bogdanowicz and Aaron Raulston are all on board for this release. Guest appearances include Discipline’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin.
“Chronomonaut” will be released on Friday, October 12th. Pre-ordering for autographed copies will begin one month ahead of the release on September 12th at the band’s website.
Youtube Teaser Link:
Band website:
This Friday, look for a feature length article on Glass Hammer at The American Conservative by yours truly.

One thought on “Glass Hammer reveals CHRONOMONAUT!

  1. kruekutt

    Also appearing on the album: Jamison Smeltz, sax player to Prog America (guest shots with District 97 and Dave Kerzner at Progtoberfest 3 last year, as well as a great solo album of Yes covers, Total Sax Retain). This one’s gonna be fun!



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