Rush: A Farewell to Kings at 41


A Farewell to Kings was released on Mercury/Polygram on August 29, 1977.

Neil Peart wrote in the Tourbook:

The musical entity that is Rush is not an easy thing to define. Where many have foundered, there is no reason to assume that I will fare any better, except perhaps that I have access to the actual facts, and some inside information on the motivations. We have always done our utmost to elude any convenient classifications, in spite of those who must affix a label and assign a function to everything in sight, whether they really fit or not.

It may be that the only term loose enough to encompass anything of the concept of Rush, is simply “progressive rock”, for it is to this ideal of enjoyment, integrity, and freedom of expression that we have dedicated ourselves. Our music is aimed at the head, at the heart, and at the abdomen. We can only hope that it finds its mark in yours.

Prog on!

2 thoughts on “Rush: A Farewell to Kings at 41

  1. WHOOT,Prog on INDEED!!! One of the “top of the HEAP” Albums for the WORLD’S GREATEST BANDS ALIVE!!! “A Farewell to Kings”,”Closer to the Heart”,”Cinderella Man” and of COURSE,one of EVERYONE’S Faves…………..the ALL encompassing,and FANTASTIC “Xanadu” is the eyes,ears,and limbs that make this album one of THE BEST ever put out!!!


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