The Tangent – Proxy – 2018

The ever prolific The Tangent will release their 10th studio album ‘Proxy’ this November and in doing so remind the community of fans and peers that they are a force of nature that defies the odds when it comes to producing new music regularly and touring it around the world. Quite how this happens is mind blowing when you consider the challenges of pulling this off as a self-funded and self -organised and promoted endeavour.

Aside from the Inside Out label showing their on-going dedication to The Tangent, the real success in the delivery of the music from inception to the stage comes from the hardworking collection of excellent musicians, lead by Andy Tillison, who pull together and function as a band and a business.


Last year’s tour of Europe and US was a masterstroke in the clever guise of ‘Tangekanic’ – a collective of Tangent and ‘Karmakanic’ pooling their resources, their talents and most notably, the risks to bring the music to the stage. This event not only served as a means to get the band out in front of their fans but as a vehicle to work through ideas and fresh inspiration. Reminiscent of the classic bands of old like ‘Purple’ writing their epic ‘Highway Star’ on the bus, the band began to naturally develop ideas for what would be their next album on their travels too. It’s not without some sense of irony that ‘Proxy’ came together (somewhat) through time spent together as a collective.

‘Proxy’ comes to the fans with the usual pre-order options, which are a big part of how the band survive and continue to thrive. However this time, the usual process to develop the music and keep the faithful happy with snippets while the world waits patiently for the album to be completed has been much shorter –  the announcement and release date have happily come closer together which in itself generates a buzz that the band are working hard to deliver.

For more information and to pre-order visit –

Track listing –

  • Proxy
  • The Melting Andalusian Skies
  • A Case of Misplaced Optimism
  • The Adulthood Lie
  • Supper’s Off
  • Excerpt From “Exo-Oceans”

A full review will follow in the coming weeks…..



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