Album Premiere: Oak – “False Memory Archive” — The PROG Mind,626084637,2147233160,3073911281,3095255974,923318095,2736249444,3261170423,3437170636/esig=67dcda28ff305cd044ce9deae04fb27b/

Check out the full album premiere of Oak’s “False Memory Archive”.

via Album Premiere: Oak – “False Memory Archive” — The PROG Mind

One thought on “Album Premiere: Oak – “False Memory Archive” — The PROG Mind

  1. Auberon Herbert

    Have you really stopped writing for the site? I very frequently disagreed with your opinions about music and the relative merits of various prog groups — far more than, say, I disagreed with your politics — but I always enjoyed your posts. And I can understand why you would want to resign given subsequent comments by your ostensible colleagues. (Does no one care about tone any longer? I think so many of us have become immune to it — especially those who do not see other people, real human beings, in everyday life.) At any rate, I have stopped reading Progarchy, and just scrolled to the first entry that mentioned you as an author. If you’re done, I’m done. I’ll check this comment for a few days. Progarchy has already been taken off my bookmarks, and I suspect it will remain that way — and that I will never browse to it because no one else cares.



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