The Adulthood Lie


There has been some outpouring of emotions at Progarchy recently. I am just a poor boy, you can tell me by the way I walk. I will leave those discussions to folk with more intellect than myself. But here is what I do want to say.

There is a track on the new Tangent album that is possibly the most exciting piece of music to appear in a long long time. It’s Prog you can dance to. Electronic dance music, disco, prog, call it what you like. The chorus is so uplifting and musically engaging. The lyrics are from the heart. It is a brilliant piece of music. It puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance around the room every time I play it. For me it’s the music that sets off my emotions.

When I was young, I fell in love sings Andy. You only have to look on progressive rock Facebook pages to see folk discussing how the great the early seventies were for the genre. There is so much great music being made today but that era is revered by many. I think it’s all to do with the emotional ties to that era. For many, they were young. It was a time of first loves, school memories, new experiences, concerts. These memories are intricately intertwined with the music and so we think that era was the best. I am sure there will be people younger than myself who think that the eighties were a wonderful time for music. Again, it is down to their emotional attachment to that time. I know of folk who think Invisible Touch is the best album Genesis ever made. Why? Because it was the first thing they heard by the group and it held an emotional attachment.

The adulthood lie has awoken an emotion in me. I love this song. I just can’t get enough. I am going to go now. I am getting all emotional.



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