Top 10 Metal Albums of 2018

To my taste, the following albums were more metal than prog, so rather than place them on my Top 10 Prog Albums of 2018 list, I place them on a separate list of official recognition of their supreme excellence. Note that, as with my Prog list, the ranking is determined simply by consulting the number of times I listened to the album during the year 2018.

Top 10 Metal Albums of 2018:

#10 Wytch Hazel — II: Sojourn

#9 TesseracT — Sonder

#8 Distorted Harmony — A Way Out

#7 Michael Romeo — War of the Worlds, Part 1

#6 Judas Priest — Firepower

#5 Lucifer — Lucifer II

#4 Stryper — God Damn Evil

#3 Magick Touch — Blades, Chains, Whips, and Fire

#2 Haken — Vector

#1 Motorowl — Atlas

Metal Christmas, everyone, and a Heavy New Year!


UPDATED (Jan 8, 2019): Seventh Wonder’s Tiara is replaced in the #10 spot with Wytch Hazel’s II: Sojourn, with which it was tied in December 2018, but which has now been overtaken by Wytch Hazel in my January 2019 listening.

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