Dream Theater Release Another Single Off Upcoming Album

Dream Theater released their latest track, “Fall Into The Light,” off their upcoming album, Distance Over Time. This song might be one of the most well-mixed songs from Dream Theater since the Awake album. The bass is very present in this mix, which is more than can be said of every other DT album. The drums sound good too. The musical crunch in the beginning of the song is reminiscent of Train of Thought, although the vocals don’t have that growl to them. Labrie’s singing here is more like the last few albums. It is a great track. The new album should be a good one.

One thought on “Dream Theater Release Another Single Off Upcoming Album

  1. Dream Theater is hit or miss with me. I have heard several of their albums and I own two of them. This is the kind of band that I want to love. I love prog and I love metal. Try as I may, I just do not love the band, more often then not there is no connection. Having said that, the two new songs song fantastic! I am very curious as to the how the whole albums sounds.



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