Album Review: Steve Hackett – At The Edge Of Light


Check out the great review by my fellow Progarchy editor, Bryan Morey, over at DPRP. Here’s an excerpt:

Hackett’s solo albums have gotten progressively better over the past several years. I wasn’t sure he would be able to top 2017’s The Night Siren, but he has with At The Edge Of Light. This album is brilliant. His calls for peace are held up by his diverse selection of musical themes and sounds. He shows us what it means to reach through divides. He shows us the best of what humanity has to offer. I’m not exaggerating when I call Steve Hackett a genius. 2019 has only just begun, but I may already have my favorite album of the year locked in. This album is so lyrically and musically deep that I’m sure I will find more and more to enjoy as the year progresses.

I agree!

One thought on “Album Review: Steve Hackett – At The Edge Of Light

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