Andy Tillison – Now on Bandcamp!

From Andy Tillison, posting on the Tangent’s Facebook group page:

Hello – and as promised, here is a link to my very own Bandcamp page. I would like you to consider this a BETA, or work in progress. A few things I need to make clear. These are flac/wav/mp3 downloads only. I am doing this to make the music available – the re-release of these limited interest titles on any form of media would be impossible to finance. I’m sorry that the world ended up like that. However, the quality is exactly the same as the original CD releases. Nothing for your shelves… but plenty for your ears. …

Yes – the albums have to be paid for, I’m sorry but assure you that I plough as much as possible into the development of new work. Most of you realise this. More titles are in preparation from Po90, The Tangent and my own solo work.  Same time next week?

What’s in Tillison’s first wave of Bandcamp releases, you ask?  Follow the jump for the details!

  • Gold Frankincense and Disk Drive, Where Do We Draw the Line? – ‘The first official release by any of ATD’s bands – this was made in 1987 at Lion Recording Studios in Leeds. The band was a politically motivated anarcho-agit rock band with strong progressive influences. Members of Chumbawamba were guests on the recording and the group toured extensively over the next few years. Was the first release on the fledgling Peaceville Records which in turn spawned Opeth and Anathema among others. This album is the real beginning of the story.’
  • Parallel or 90 Degrees, The Corner of My Room – ‘the Debut album by Po90 from 1996. Includes “The Third Person” which is almost certainly the first Mp3 ever to have been posted on the internet (before the release of the album and only hours after the software to make an mp3 had been released).’  Oh, and also a killer cover of the Nice’s “The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack.”
  • Parallel or 90 Degrees, Afterlifecycle – ‘Although not the debut album by Po90, this was the debut release on Cyclops records in 1997.’
  • Andy Tillison Diskdrive, Fog – ‘Entirely instrumental, this album sits alongside Tangerine Dream, Future Sound Of London and Floating Points as atmospheric, ambient music yet from time to time courses into more familiar progressive rock and jazz fusion territory.’
  • Andy Tillison Diskdrive, Murk – ‘The second of Andy Tillison’s “ambient” albums features – like “Fog” – many influences from the Berlin School of electronic music. Once again it varies into the world of Jazz fusion, mostly so on the track “Energize” which is the actual first ever recorded release to feature Luke Machin on guitar at the beginning of his long relationship with The Tangent.’
  • The Tangent, A Place on the Shelf – ‘Fan release album originally from 2009 – features half of the unfinished album “The Rite Of Spring” . Also features some of the bands first forays into political music including the poignant “Live On Air”.’  (Yes, it’s that “Rite of Spring”.  You know, by Stravinsky.)
  • The Tangent, L’Étagere du Travail – ‘This is a Tangent FAN RELEASE and contains firstly a series of tracks recorded but not completed during the “Sacre Du Travail” sessions in 2012/2013. Included is the major track “The Iron Crows” which is another Tangent rendition of classical music, the piece in question being Debussy’s “La Mer”. Secondly there are some alternate mixes and versions of songs taken from the bands earlier career.’   Also including an early version of “Supper’s Off”, recently revamped for the latest Tangent album, Proxy.

Albums cost £6-7 (US $8-10) each;  L’Étagere du Travail and the GF&D and ATDiskdrive titles also include booklet/digipak/rear tray PDFs (in case you still burn CDs).

Over the years, Andy Tillison’s music in its various incarnations has been a consistent favorite here at Progarchy; check out this new treasure trove of rare treats from a rare musician at Bandcamp!

tillison bandcamp

— Rick Krueger



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