Progarchy Podcast: Nick Beggs Interview


The Progarchy Podcast interviewed Nick Beggs today, and it was a fascinating time. Take a listen to our combination of an album review and a song-by-song discussion with the artist himself:

The podcast includes a detailed discussion, for over half an hour, track-by-track, of the new album from The Mute Gods, Atheists and Believers.

Tune in if you want to hear all the details. But here are some highlights to get you excited. Listen and learn:

  • how the first track, “Atheists and Believers” is devoted to telling the true story about extraterrestrial visitors to our planet;
  • how Alex Lifeson of Rush got involved with the second track, “One Day,” and what he contributed to it;
  • how Nick’s political views on “Knucklehed” and “Iridium Heart” spare none of us, since all of us end up being knuckle-headed in the end;
  • how Nick plans to keep touring until he drops dead, after one of his joyous concerts, as a happy old geezer;
  • how “The House Where Love Once Lived” incorporates Nick’s own experiences of marriage and of being a father;
  • how “I Think of You” is connected to Nick’s own mother, who died at the age of 38, when Nick was 17 years old
  • how “Twisted World Godless Universe” involved a collaboration with a friend of Nick’s who is a Catholic nun in Finland and whose talks with her about spirituality were part of the process by which the song was generated
The Mute Gods, Atheists and Believers
1. Atheists and Believers (4:11)
2. One Day (6:35)
3. Knucklehed (6:48)
4. Envy the Dead (5:40)
5. Sonic Boom (4:47)
6. Old Men (3:45)
7. The House Where Love Once Lived (4:54)
8. Iridium Heart (6:06)
9. Twisted World Godless Universe (8:32)
10. I Think of You (6:04)
The last time that Progarchy spoke with Nick was back in 2016, and so it was great catching up with him today. Thanks, Nick!


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