Has Devin Townsend Released the Album of the Year?

Yup, I think he has. Empath is brilliant. It combines the best elements of the various musical aspects of the metal legend’s career. He has made it clear in recent interviews that he’s trying to break down the facade surrounding him and be more real with his fans. The result is this album, and I’m stunned. I’ve barely been able to listen to anything else over the last several weeks. From the blast beats and pounding screams to the gentler side of Devin’s voice soothing our ears, this album is absolutely phenomenal. The lyrics are personal and powerful. Musically it is Dream Theater on steroids and without the fluff. Buy it and enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Has Devin Townsend Released the Album of the Year?

    1. Bryan Morey

      Just the regular edition that the promo people sent me. With my job situation uncertain after I finish my MA in May, I’m being a little stingy. The deluxe looks interesting, though.


  1. kruekutt

    That’s intense stuff — a bit too relentless for my taste, but that’s on me! Impressive & worthy of respect. I’ll also say Devin is one of the best choral arrangers around in the pop/rock/metal arena today — massive, sweeping sounds aplenty!


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