“Bread and Yarn” @District97 & a Progarchy video essay

“Bread and Yarn” is my favorite track from District 97’s Screens album.

Just now they have released a killer high-concept video to complement it.

As a live band, District 97 is a riveting thrill ride, always fully seizing your attention.

For example, check out this tight and nimble cover of Genesis at RoS fest:

Just like all the best bands (for example, Rush, Yes, Genesis, etc.), District 97 is so skilled as musicians that they will impress you equally both on disc and live in concert.

For example, “Snow Country” is a brilliant track, whether you listen to a live version or to the studio version on In Vaults.

Then again, you may just say of anything by them that you love it even better live, because of the breathtaking musicianship wondrously displayed in real time.

Whether they are covering King Crimson, or anything by Bruford, you are presented with definitive proof that District 97 is today’s upper-echelon prog band.

Leslie Hunt’s vocals are always stunning, as she is consistently one of the best rock and jazz singers on the planet.

Thankfully, District 97 leaves plenty of room for her to rock hard.

Open you eyes, and open your ears, to one of today’s greatest bands.

Prog on, District 97.

You are truly contemporary prog’s rara avis.


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