Indeprog Awards Nominations Announced

Friday Night Progressive, a weekly progressive music radio show, has announced the nominees for the Indeprog Awards (IPA).  Categories are for Fusion, Instrumental, Vocal, Composition, Multi Instrumentalist, and Original albums.   This will be the 7th consecutive year of the IPA.   


The IPA event will be split into around 10 shows starting July 24th with the Fusion Category.  Tune into at 9pm EST to listen, and fridaynightprogressive/home-2/chat to chat with fellow prog fans and artists during the show.  Winners are chosen on the final IPA show (date to be announced), and are voted on by a group of 7 secret judges.  The nominations, selected by FNP hosts, Stephen Speelman and Ronald Marquiss, are as follows:


  • Freyja Garbett – Album: Maya
  • Lenny Rocillo – Album Vanilla Sou Masters
  • Kenner – Album: 8 Ball City
  • Spyral Jones – Album: Shock Value
  • Bob Holz – Album: Silverthorne
  • Colmorto – Album: Colmorto Vol 1
  • Identikit – Album: Mind’s Eye Meteorology
  • Three Wise Monkeys Album: Isolation
  • Shob – Album: Solide
  • Alessandro Bertoni Album: Monarkeys


  • Shob – Album: Solide
  • a2RK – Album: Morlich
  • In Continuum – Album: Annihilation
  • Anders Buaas – Album: The Witches of Finnmark Vol 3
  • Atlas Cube – Album: The Rift
  • Time Shift Accident – Album: Chronosthesia
  • Djam Karet – Album: A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof
  • The Inner Road – Album: The Majestic Garden
  • Monolith Orchestra – Album: 21st Century Apocalypse
  • Tomasz Piwecki – Album: Dark Matter
  • Andrew Roussack – Album Storm Warning
  • Biondi Noya – Album: Virgos Night
  • The Emerald Dawn – Album: Nocturne
  • Blank Manuskript – Album: Krasna Hora
  • Diatom – Album: diatom
  • Metronhomme – Album: Metronhomme 4
  • Pulsonica – Album: Entre Mundos
  • Light -Album: Light


  • Huis -Album:Abandoned
  • Infringement -Album: Alienism
  • Great Wide Nothing -Album: The View From Olympus
  • Mangeur de Reves -Album:Mangeur de Reves
  • Vincent Carr’s Sumic -Album: New Paeans
  • Vox Nostra -Album: Conjugaison
  • Onioroshi -Album: Beyond These Mountains
  • Lobate Scarp -Album: Spirals and Portals
  • Marco Ragni -Album:Oceans of Thought
  • Moon Letters -Album:Until They Feel the Sun
  • Numen -Album: Cyclomythia
  • Mike Kershaw -Album: Good Intentions
  • Red Bazar -Album: Things as They Appear
  • Steve Bonino Project -Album: Stargazer II
  • Faint Signal -Album: Formula
  • Coma Rossi -Album: Coma Rossi
  • Euphoria Station -Album: The Reverie Suite
  • Grice -Album: One Thousand Birds
  • Lazleitt -Album: Perpetually Under Idle Grounds


  • Herd of Instinct -Album:Incantation
  • Oval Planet  -Album: Trench Poems
  • The Bob Lazar Story -Album: Vanquisher
  • Cloud Over Jupiter -Album: Short Stories about Tall Aliens
  • Town Portal -Album: Of Violence
  • Bruno Karnel -Album: Master Amra 1809
  • Trampoline – Album: Happy Crimes


  • Richard Wileman -Album: Caal of a Thousand Souls
  • Drifting Sun -Album: Planet Junkie
  • Habelard2 -Album: Sgnautz
  • Oak -Album: Giordano Bruno
  • Bowo C -Album: Endeskrie
  • The Biology of Plants -Album: Volume 2
  • Izz -Album: Don’t Panic
  • United Progressive Fraternity -Album: Loss
  • The Far Meadow -Album: Foreign Land
  • Kinetic Element -Album: The Face of Life
  • Emmett Elvin -Album: The End of Music
  • Michele Conta -Album: Endless Nights
  • Soniq Theater -Album: Brandenburg

Multi Instrumentalist

  • Odd Logic -Album: Last Watch of the Nightingale
  • Timm Biery -Album: New Shoes
  • ONY -Album: Salamander
  • Penna -Album: Soul Magnet
  • Bonzo Fimbres -Album: Combative Life
  • Earthkind -Album: Windswept
  • Custard Flux -Album: Echo
  • Tom Kelly -Album: Burnt Peas/The Tolling of St John’s Bells


According to Friday Night Progressive’s Facebook Page:

The IPA is a testament of good will and a gesture in recognition of accomplishment above and beyond the realm of excellence.  It is perceived as a magical award. 

The nominees are selected from the prior year’s album release date. 

The judges then decide on a formula for which works and is fair.  This formula helps them to decide the advancement of artists / bands to the next tier selection.

Every artist that is played on FNP is recognized as special or outstanding and contributes to a genre which is well respected. The IPA was designed to spice things up for the progressive community throughout the world.  If you were played on FNP and nominated, that alone should be enough to win.  It is important to bring these artists out to the forefront and the IPA certainly accomplishes that goal. 

Previous FNP shows announcing the IPA winners from previous years are all up on Mixcloud and are all listed in the ABOUT section of the FNP Facebook page.

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