Album Review: Morpheus Project’s “Mozaick”

Guest Review by Chloe Mogg

Coated with elements to make this one of the best progressive albums of the year, Morpheus Project are set to release their elevating new album ‘Mozaick’ on March 19th. With previous singles ‘Cry for Freedom’ and ‘Nights to Remember’ on the release, the highly anticipated debut album is an energetic introduction into the mind of musical director Mustafa Khetty. Receiving rave reviews from the likes of Prog Magazine, Scala Radio, Classic FM and BBC Introducing, ‘Mozaick’ is a force to be reckoned with in the industry and issues itself with importance to be heard. 

An expansive release that showcases Morpheus Project’s diversity, the musicianship within the album is breathtaking. Featuring talented musicians throughout the release, Morpheus Project are a collective specialising in creating music without boundaries. Exceeding any expectations and walking with it’s head held firmly high, ‘Mozaick’ has something for everyone. Showcasing Mustafa’s Indian classical roots, a progressive rock side, a realm of experimental juices and fusion thrown into the mix too, ‘Mozaick’ is unapologetic and free-spirited. 

A reflection of Mustafa’s personal endeavours, life experiences and observations as a whole, there’s elements of intimacy within the album that draws listeners in even further. A reflective album that will make you sit and think, ‘Mozaick’ doesn’t follow your typical rulebook – and that’s what makes it even more impressive.


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