Weekend Roundup – Three Album Reviews – Prog Metal, Blues, and Alt Rock

Happy Friday! Today we’ve got a special review edition of three prog metal, blues, and alt rock albums: What Lies Ahead of Us by Brazil’s Pentral; Loss & Love by El Salvador’s Steady Rollin; and the self-titled debut album by Glasgow, Scotland, duo der Mist. All reviews written by Chloe Mogg.

Pentral – What Lies Ahead of Us – Out May 7, 2021

Pentral are the explosive trio you need in your life. Having released their first single ‘Silent Trees’ from their forthcoming album, the band have gained support from New Noise Magazine, Prog Magazine and many other outlets across the web. “What Lies Ahead of Us” is an exhilarating album that’s best served with a clear mind and your full engagement. Known for creating music without boundaries, this hard rock outfit are heavily influenced by the metal industry too.

“What Lies Ahead of Us” features lyrical content that should never be pushed into the shadows. Speaking about their views on environmental protection, equality and the fight against racism, the important topics that Pentral cover within the album need to be heard. Exploring different relationships between people from mixed background and cultures, ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ is reality and details what it’s like to be a human in today’s modern world.

From lead single ‘Silent Trees’ and it’s hindu like mantro introduction, to fierce anthem ‘Aiming for the Sun’ – this album is best described as iconic and refusing to sit down. As for stand out tracks, ‘The Shell I’m Living In’ is easily up there with the best on the album. Using an addictive guitar melody to enter the full band arrangement, ‘The Shell I’m Living In’ is fuelled with attitude and hard-hitting drums.

Twelve tracks that could easily cement this outfit with a legendary status, ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ steals your attention with it’s rebellious aura, yet comforts you in times of darkness. A stand out moment in Pentral’s career so far.

Steady Rollin – Love & Loss (Album out now)

It may be a number of years since Steady Rollin releases this triumphant album, but it’s still turning heads to this day. Armed with a blues rock attire that will leave you weak at the knees, ‘Love & Loss’ is an exceptional debut that every artist wants to release at some point in their life. Drawing inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Cream and Rush to name a few, Steady Rollin are equipped with all the factors you need to create mature, compelling music.

A glimpse into Steady Rollin’s live sound, Love & Loss features their iconic sound even in the studio. Including 10 tracks straight from the heart, Love & Loss explores themes of love-related stories from Steady Rollin’s Fernando’s real-life experiences with twists and turns into emotional blues.

Storming onto the scene with album opener ‘I Feel Alive’ – this track reminisces a youthful Deep Purple with elements of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin’s guitar tone. Over 6 minutes long, the track ventures into a wonderful melodic track, bathed in personality. A number of stand out moments on the release come in the form of Eric Clapton infused track ‘Sweet Surrender’ – with a bass line that grooves into tomorrow – acoustic infused anthem ‘You’re Mystical’ and heroic album closer ‘Rachel’.

An album you won’t be able to get enough of, Steady Rollin are set to release a new album this summer. In the meantime, stick ‘Love & Loss’ on repeat to help you through the days ahead.

Listen to the album here: https://steadyrollin.hearnow.com/love–loss

der Mist – self titled (Album out now)

Glaswegian outfit der Mist are one of those bands you encounter that instantly steal your heart. Having recently released their debut, self-titled album, it’s safe to say this duo are destined to become a household name. Creating a mixture of rock, electronic, and indie music, their self titled album features 14 tracks of legendary sounds. Der Mist are easily a band that will forever stay in your collection or playlist – and that’s what makes their music stand the test of time and taste.

From the intoxicating sound of ‘Red Light’ and it’s heroic funk-like sound, to the band’s first ever, unforgettable single ‘It’s Alright’ – this album is equipped to leave you dancing around your house during the last hurdle of the UK’s lockdown. A personal favourite of mine comes in the form of alternative anthem ‘Step Into the Light’ and it’s Brian Setzer infused guitar tone. Receiving support from BBC Radio Scotland, New Noise Magazine and many other publications across the globe, it’s no surprise that der Mist are getting the recognition that they truly deserve.

Having being dubbed the name Daft Punk – could this be true? Who knows. Whilst the world is still healing from the departure of the iconic duo, der Mist are certainly healing scars that have been left. With also being influencers on social media, der Mist are also known for creating innovative weekly vlogs to showcase behind the scenes into their music and other musicians worlds across the world.

Entirely original and one of the album’s of the year, der Mist deserve their name in lights.



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