Killing Kenny Makes Album Debut with “Exactly Different”

The debut album for Killing Kenny may be a bit on the fringes of what we do here at Progarchy, since there’s a strong country influence in the music. Going way back to our founding, the joke was our unwritten rule was no country allowed, but fortunately Killing Kenny’s music draws from atmospheric, electronic, and rock music more than it does from country. The result is rather stunning. UK-based journalist Chloe Mogg has more below:

By Chloe Mogg

Exactly Different is exactly what it says on the tin, a unique blend of 11-tracks transcending the boundaries of genre. Killing Kenny’s Exactly Different ventures into the world of Rock, Country, Indie and beyond, all whilst maintaining his signature of magical melodies and power packed lyricism.

Killing Kenny’s debut album features a host of polished original songs, along with two stand-out cover versions of Soft Cell classic “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” and Bruce Springsteen’s infamous “Land of Hope and Dreams.” Killing Kenny comments on “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye,”

I remember this song from school in 1981, when the start of the 1980’s sound began to kick in. Always liked the tune and it brings back great memories of very happy times for me growing up. I wanted to keep the sound still very 1980’s with an uncluttered version of the tune.

Kenny is no stranger to the scene, having been playing in bands since the late 80s he has a wealth of experience and hard-earned skill under his belt. Yet latest project Exactly Different is perhaps his most authentic work yet.


Returning to the scene after a solid three decades absence, Kenny is once again at the helm and taking charge of his musical career. Exactly Different has been a journey of self-discovery and reflection, a chance to hone his sound and experiment with style. Kenny explains-

It feels strange at the age of 53 to be talking about a debut album, however, this collection of songs entitled “Exactly Different” is “exactly” that. A collection of 9 original songs each designed to reflect a style of music and drawn from a period in my life from the age of 13, when I first started playing music, to today. The album also includes two cover versions as a homage to artists I admire and times I enjoyed.

The making of this album has been all things. An opportunity to meet and work with some new very talented and established people, all of whom have been incredibly helpful, supportive and encouraging. A great therapy by immersing myself back into writing and recording new music. Above all a great sense of joy and inspiration to never stop doing what you enjoy and to always pursue what you love to do”.

Killing Kenny pours heart and soul into his sound, infusing his musicality with a raw passion for songwriting and love for his instruments.

With a love for sound that’s infectious to audiences, it will come as no surprise that Killing Kenny has already found himself on radio waves across the globe, and featured in publications such as The Daily Record and Sunday Post.

Album ‘Exactly Different’ will soon have you falling in love with Killing Kenny too.……


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