Welcome, New Progarchist!

Disclaimer: The above photo shows Reyna in a past life and does not reflect her actual appearance.

Fellow Progarchists:

Please extend a hand to the newest member of our team, Reyna McCain! She is an avid fan of ’60s and ’70s music, cats, and bellbottom jeans. I have no doubt that she will be a welcome addition to Progarchy, and we look forward to her first post!

One thought on “Welcome, New Progarchist!

  1. Reyna McCain

    Hello, Reyna here! Thank you to everyone for allowing me to be part of the Progarchy team—I am super excited to be here! In addition to ‘60s and ‘70s music, cats, and bellbottom jeans, I also enjoy roller skating, embroidering, and of course, dancing! I look forward to writing and reading about music that I love.

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