Werke Horse – Yellow Cab

We were recently sent this song by Dan Hereford of the band Werke Horse, and it’s very fun and eclectic. Part prog, part pop, and it may remind some of you of a certain banana-colored submarine. Although this song is far less annoying than that particular song. It has a vintage prog sound befitting the subject matter. Heck when my Dad was a kid, his parents had a Checker for a car. Yes that’s right – the Checker Cab Company made cars that the regular public could buy. They were basically unchanged from the 1950s until the early 1980s.

Werke Horse – Yellow Cab – YouTube

Check out Dan Hereford’s full album, Werke Horse, on Bandcamp: https://danherefordswerkehorse.bandcamp.com/album/werke-horse

And check out their website: https://www.werkehorse.com


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