A personal tribute to David Longdon

Alison Reijman wrote a very touching personal tribute to David Longdon over on her personal blog. It is certainly worth your time.

Alison's Column

“Suddenly, you were gone, From all the lives you left your mark upon……”

( Afterimage – Rush)

…..And that’s just how it happened. The tragic news about the accident which had taken you so quickly, so unexpectedly and so cruelly came through that fateful Saturday afternoon. You could hear the collective cries of disbelief from us all, the friends, fans and admirers who still mourn your terrible loss.

The magnitude of the grief that afternoon and still continues is monumental.

But it was that suddenness, recalling everything that had gone before, and anticipating what could still have been, that left us all so shattered.

It was also remembering everything you brought to us through the way you shared your unique, cosmos-given talents which you spent most of your life refining and perfecting, while at the same time, maintaining your incredible love of life and for people which always reflects in…

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