A Note From Our Founding Father

This afternoon I received a lovely email from Brad Birzer, one of Progarchy’s founders, and he gave his permission for me to post it for you all to read:

I just want to offer—for what it’s worth—my sincere thanks and congratulations to Progarchy on its tenth anniversary.  I am very proud to have been one of the founders of the website.  We—that is, the first five editors—originally formed to promote the work of Big Big Train (to be the ultimate fan site!), but we decided almost immediately to promote the best of prog.  We wanted to explore prog lyrics and philosophy, and we also wanted to be a website that sought the good, the true, and the beautiful in progressive rock (and related) music.  Specifically, we wanted to praise what we loved, rather than criticize what we disliked.  I’m so glad to know that Progarchy is in such good hands, ten years after its founding.

– Brad Birzer

2 thoughts on “A Note From Our Founding Father

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