THE MAPLE VERSE Excel on Debut Album “Prove Me Wrong”

Listening to the debut album by UK project The Maple Verse entitled “Prove Me Wrong” ultimately brings a thought to one’s mind that Bartek Kosinski’s brainchild is one of the most promising acts in the alternative rock today. With The Maple Verse, Kosinski has a knack for soaring, glowing mixture of genres thanks to passionate musicianship and directness, but also a tender, intimate delivery in the vocals and guitar as well as an ability to venture into various emotions, even if sonically not much changes.

“Sounds and Voices” kicks this thing off being sunny but ghostly with floating strings that just wander, like they and the ethereal vocals are lost in the world creating a wide-eyed outlook. Towards the middle the guitar/bass combination becomes more direct, making for a liberating sensation. “A Midnight Contemplation” is just an extra level of bombast this time around in the thick, punchy chords, but the overall vibe remains serene. “Just a Bit” is like having your legs in the shallow end of the ocean, the way the reverb-drenched guitars and almost spoken vocals wash over you like you’re in a life-affirming scene in a film and the lavish keyboard bends truly make it cinematic.

Album closer “Human Ways” on the other hand is more comatose with brooding, sparse notes at the start. However, the song gradually ascends with more direct, pouring playing thrown in and its flourishing sneaks up on you due to how close the whole track is. One minute you’re being put to sleep with aesthetic for an operation and the next you’ve woken up repaired. Before that “Fall and Ascend” however injects some liveliness with more swift picking and stompy moments combined with the glimmering tone that defines much of the record.

“Prove Me Wrong” sees The Maple Verse carrying the beauty and skill, and a huge dose of talent. That is to say, this album certainly makes for one of the prettiest records put out in 2022. Grab it from Bandcamp.


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