Crown Lands — Starlifter: Fearless, Part 2

Crown Lands last thrilled us with a studio release in 2021, the White Buffalo EP, which included the stunning 13-minute epic, “The Oracle.”

Coming hot on the heels of the release of their undisguised Rush tribute, “Context: Fearless, Part 1,” it was yet another powerful announcement from this ambitious duo that they intended to boldly go where Rush could go no more.

Think of it as Rush: The Next Generation.

But are you ready now for these two musical ambassadors from Canada to engage you at warp speed?

Because that’s the significance of their new digital release today, the 18-minute plus track, “Starlifter, Part 2.”

The Rush allusions continue, not least with the subtitle: “Fearless, Part x,” which obviously invokes the “Fear” epic that Rush unveiled over four album releases.

Clearly, Crown Lands intends to unroll their long-form musical adventures in likeminded serial fashion, thereby leveraging the potential of digital age music delivery.

The composition itself is of the highest musical quality, and their performance of “Starlifter” calls to mind everything wonderful about Rush, including the intricate sci-fi storytelling.

Yet “Starlifter” should not be judged to be simply an exercise in nostalgia. Rather, it is the maintenance of a sacred trust, a carrying forth of a musical legacy that continues to be nothing short of inspirational.

You have it hear it. Take my word. It’ll be the best dollar you ever spend on a song download, so don’t hesitate to nab it today.

But feel free to listen for free below, if you are at all skeptical. Trust me, you will become a believer in TNG prog.

It’s truly a glorious epic, which I shall not hesitate to pronounce the Crown Lands career equivalent of a 2112-like milestone.

Chapter 1. Overture

It’s been three hundred years…

Chapter 2. Begin Transmission

The Oracle was right. I found what I sought, but at what cost?

Chapter 3. Fearless Awakens

To our doom… I am Fearless.

Chapter 4. Departure

The sentinels watch below… maybe there is a way to learn their patterns and slip in undetected?

Chapter 5. The Journey

I’m deep in the labyrinthian bowels of the ship now, and it’s clear there’s no going back.

Chapter 6. Interfacing the Machine

An unholy bio-mechanical mass of wires, knobs.. A conscious machine?

Chapter 7. Requiem

All systems operational. We awaken and are now as one. Not Man or machine. The singularity.

Chapter 8. The Battle of Starlifter

Computational error. An oversight. Catastrophe.

Chapter 9. Event Horizon

The black hole now looms overhead, promising to destroy us all.


One thought on “Crown Lands — Starlifter: Fearless, Part 2

  1. Ever since Rush back in 2015…………….I NEVER AGAIN thought I’d ever have the ability to listen to such a unique complex album that has both meaning and emotion all wrapped into one!!! That IS…………..until Now!!!

    Up until this listen……………I knew very little of Crown Lands!!! But after listening to this video…………I decided to put on my investigative-cap an do a little research! The more I found out about them…………the more I became attune to their willingness for their music!!!

    Crown Lands has a new fan now!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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