11 thoughts on “THE ARTISTS SPEAK

  1. Nice site, I’m looking forward to seing how this progresses 😉

    Plane Groovy are busy trying to reacquaint the world with the joys of listening to vinyl … so far in the Prog realm we’ve released the new echolyn and IZZ albums; about to put out Glass Hammer and we have an upcoming release by a huge UK band to be announced very soon; we launch the DBA album on 12 Nov (link to a download coming your way!) and we started the whole operation with the album Man by Francis Dunnery.

    Exciting times …


  2. Why no rap, doc? Is “There is no such thing as good rap” an a priori for you?

    And why no country? Do you regard Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Uncle Tupelo, and Ryan Adams as “country”? Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?

    I mean, I understand excluding the denizens of neo-Nashville. But to exclude “country” without more of a caveat seems un-American.


    1. Michał

      Heh, I listened to Prophets of Rage the other day (members of Rage Against of the Machine plus the guys from Cypress Hill and Public Enemy on vocals), and in spite of everything (myself included) I was surprised at how GOOD the rap element of the whole thing is! This just goes to show that back in the day, when the lot were at their most prolific and relevant, the actual skill DID matter, and it is obvious when you compare this music to the rap of today. So, even in a genre I don’t like, there are indeed the good (next to the usual bad and ugly).

      The same goes for Mr Cash. I love his early stuff, despite the fact that country… Nashville… well, uhm, how do you say it? Not my cup of tea? Let’s leave it at that 😉

      Am I waiting for the post on rap and country then? Yes yes 😉


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  4. Joe Shea

    Want to offer a couple of thoughts here. Just discovering the current prog rock scene and have enjoyed listening to ProgPalaceRadio. They cover a wide range of music and I have found a couple of bands I enjoy through there. One is The Mind by Transcend, appears to be a first album, at least the only one iTunes carries. The other is Jeremias (Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms) by Circle of Illusion. There are evidently a couple of bands using that name. Would love to know what others think, I have enjoyed them and looking forward to sampling the bands I have found here.


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