RochaNews: Old Fire

“Songs From the Haunted South” teaser video streaming online
TEXAS – Kscope is delighted to announce the release of the debut album from Old Fire, Songs From the Haunted South, on June 24. The pet project of Texas based programmer John Mark Lapham (of The Earlies and 4AD band The Late Cord fame), Old Fire joins a world-class roster that includes the likes of Steven Wilson, The Pineapple Thief, Anathema, Nordic Giants and The Anchoress.
The 13-track album contains a selection of songs that in one way or another are dedications to people, some dead and some still living. Musically, inspirations range from ambient artists such as Brian Eno and Stars of the Lid to psychedelic rock, traditional country and early 4AD.
Sitting alongside original Old Fire compositions are a selection of intriguing cover versions. Lapham uniquely interprets songs by Psychic TV (“The Orchids”),  Low (“Laser Beam”), Ian William Craig (“A Sight Grip, A Gentle Hold”), Jason Molina (“It’s Easier Now”), Camberwell Now (“Know How”) and Shearwater (“Helix”).
The project also features a myriad of exceptional musicians including DM Stith – piano & guitar, Christopher Barnes (Gem Club) – piano, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) – guitar, Thor Harris (Swans) – drums, Christian Madden – Rhodes piano & organ and Semay Wu – cello.
Songs From the Haunted South was produced by John Mark Lapham, mixed by JM Lapham and Mark Kuykendall, and was mastered by Ian Hawgood.
The powerful cover art was designed by U.K.’s Grammy Award winning designer Vaughan Oliver, famed for his work with artists such as Mojave 3, Lush, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, The Breeders, This Mortal Coil, Pixies, Throwing Muses, in addition to artists such as David Sylvian and Bush. The cover shot taken in 1958 features Lapham’s father during bivouac camping basic training in the foothills of the Ozarks, at Fort Chaffee, Ark.
View a teaser for Songs From the Haunted South on Vimeo at:
Pre-order Songs From the Haunted South on CD here:
1. Old Fire 3
2. Along Came a Sadness
3. Helix
4. Know How
5. It’s Easier Now
6. A Stranger in the Family
7. Bloodchild
8. Faust
9. Shadows
10. A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold
11. Laser Beam
12. The Orchids
13. Deadhouse Dream
Taking nearly a decade to make, Songs From the Haunted South has been a labor of love for Lapham. Born from an album concept for a 4AD project with singer Micah P. Hinson (The Late Cord), the album was originally intended to feature different singers and musicians recording songs that were both covers and originals. After parting ways with Hinson, Lapham remained determined to realize his vision for the album and sought voices he considered special or fitted the inspiration.
The first piece of the puzzle fell in to place after meeting the former owner of 4AD, Ivo Watts Russell, who introduced Lapham to singer/songwriter, Tom Rapp – who recorded a string of haunting albums in the late ’60s and ’70s under the name Pearls Before Swine. The vocals Rapp provided formed the basis of the track “Shadows.” In the following years, guest vocals were recorded by Sara Lowes (The Earlies), DM Stith, Christopher Barnes (Gem Club), Rebekka Karijord, and Alex Maas (The Black Angels).
Stay tuned for more information on Old Fire and Songs From the Haunted South, out next month on Kscope.

RochaNews: Airbag’s new song, “Killer”

“Disconnected” out June 10 on Karisma Records; new “Disconnected” website launched
OSLO, Norway – Norwegian progressive rock act, Airbag, has teamed up with Prog Magazine to launch a new song, “Killer,” from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, Disconnected, at:

“Killer was one of the first songs written for Disconnected,” commented Airbag guitarist Bjørn Riis. “I had this idea of this ruthless corporate guy who used everyone to gain success – sort of Bateman from American Psycho meets Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko. He’s outside, or disconnected from, the rules of our society.

“Musically, ‘Killer’ is slightly different from what we’ve done before. There’s more emphasis on the drums, different rhythm patterns and electronic elements. It really was a band effort, where everyone was contributing ideas and trying out new stuff.”
Disconnected, the follow-up to Airbag’s critically acclaimed 2013 release The Greatest Show on Earth, will release on June 10 via Karisma Records. 

The band has launched a Disconnected website with several pre-order options, video content and more at:

Featuring six songs with a common theme of alienation between the individual and society, Disconnected was recorded with long-time collaborator and engineer Vegard Sleipnes and produced by Airbag vocalist Asle Tostrup and guitarist Bjørn Riis.

Guitarist Bjørn Riis adds: “The early demos for ‘Disconnected’ were written during a couple of months in late 2014. The idea and inspiration for most of the lyrics, and the title track in particular, came from me realizing that I had to make some changes in my life. I was tired of the daily routine, working 9-5 in an office doing basically nothing and never having enough time for my family and music. I took a year off and started writing for the album.

“As for the music, you want to look forward and explore new sounds and musical ground. We talked a lot about wanting to use more electronic elements and giving more room for the drums, allowing them to be more percussive and basically avoid the usual rock formula on all songs. We also wanted to do a more stripped down production and create a more spacious and dynamic sound.”
1. Killer
2. Broken
3. Slave
4. Sleepwalker
5. Disconnected
6. Returned

Airbag’s music is best described as scenic, epic rock – a sonic journey of lush soundscapes and arrangements, underlined by soaring guitars and soulful vocals. Airbag’s three previous album releases: Identity (2009), All Right Removed (2011) and The Greatest Show on Earth(2013) have gained the band a solid following and reputation among both fans and the press. Prog Magazine hailed The Greatest Show on Earth as a “confident step in the right direction, so much so you’re led to believe that album number four really could be the big one.”

Over the years, Airbag has also become a solid live act, playing at several major festivals and as support and in double-bills with bands like Marillion, Anathema, Pineapple Thief, Riverside, RPWL and Gazpacho.

Stay tuned for more information on Airbag and Disconnected, out next month on Karisma Records.

RochaNews: Receiver


New album “All Burn” out now on Kscope

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Midwest symphonic dream-prog duo, The Receiver, has teamed up with to launch a music video for the track “Transit,” taken from the band’s recently released full-length, All Burn, out now on Kscope. The video was shot in Beirut by director Youssef Nassar, a Lebanese-born Canadian responsible for the acclaimed promo for Steven Wilson’s recent single “Perfect Life.” Stream the new “Transit” music video exclusively at:

“The music is simply superb!” said Nassar of “Transit.” “Very dreamy, filled with layers of sounds and emotions and I did my best capturing that feel in its video. I think the video has a strong concept behind it, showing a certain type of a fantasy happening, in an abstract and emotional way.”

The band commented: “‘Transit’ was written during the beginning of a new relationship. It expresses the emotional highs associated with falling in love, and makes a promise of commitment, regardless of whatever change or loss may come. Youssef played well off of these themes. As the lyrics speak of undying love and unwavering commitment, the video expresses the heartache, tension, and feelings of loss that we all experience.”

Comprised of brothers Casey (vocals, synths/keyboards, bass) and Jesse Cooper (drums & vocals), the siblings call All Burn their “best material to date which focuses on a dreamier aesthetic than our earlier work.”

All Burn, the band’s Kscope debut, is also the first self-produced Receiver album, with mixing handled by Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper, Foster the People, Karen O) and mastering by Brian Lucey (Sigur Ros, The Shins, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys).

All Burn can be purchased now via iTunes at: and at:

1. Drift

2. Transit

3. To Battle an Island

4. Collector

5. Dark Matter

6. April Blades

7. The Summit

8. Let It Dry

9. All Burn

10. How to be Young

11. These Days

“a majestic, expansive record filled with electronic flourishes, soaring vocals and melody to spare.” –

“Every element of [‘All Burn’] is pristine, poignant, and poised, basking its forlorn melodies and harmonies in glistening regality.” – Big Takeover

“On their third album, ‘All Burn,’ brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper set complex, bright melodies and heartbeat-pulsing rhythms adrift.” –

Formed in 2005 at The Ohio State University, The Receiver released its debut album, Decades, in 2006 on the New York-based, Stunning Models On Display Records. The duo returned with the sophomore offering, Length of Arms, in 2009 through Vital Music Records.

The Receiver is an incredibly active touring partnership, having played throughout North America and sharing the stage with notable acts such as St. Vincent, Midlake, The Album Leaf, Mono, Dawes, Royal Canoe, Maserati, Telefon Tel Aviv, Mr. Gnome and Operators to name a few, as well as performing at 2014’s CMJ Festival in New York.

The brothers have been featured on MTV2’s “Bands on The Rise,” and have songs included on the FX Network’s series, Dirt, as well as a number of independent shorts and films.

Stay tuned for more information on The Receiver and All Burn, out now on Kscope.

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Casey Cooper – vocals, synths/keyboards, bass

Jesse Cooper – drums, vocals

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