Bologna’s Earthset Perform Concert Film For Silent Science Fiction Film, “L’Uomo Meccanico”

This is pretty cool. Earthset, a band from Bologna, Italy, sent me this video and some additional info about a live concert they recently did to go along with footage from the Italian movie “L’Uomo Meccanico,” or “The Mechanical Man.” It’s a science fiction silent film from 1921 that apparently was quite influential in the history of film. Earthset’s music for the film is experimental and atmospheric, but it has its heavier moments to go along with the movie. There’s a lot of interesting guitar work, and I think it’s a cool idea to bring these films back to life with contemporary music.

Here’s some more info from the band about it: Continue reading “Bologna’s Earthset Perform Concert Film For Silent Science Fiction Film, “L’Uomo Meccanico””

Debut Album From Portugal’s ARTNAT Out Now

Press Release:

CoverARTNAT is a new progressive rock band formed by lead guitarist and founder of the known TANTRA prog group from Portugal, Manuel Cardoso. They recently released their first album, The Mirror Effect. The name reflects the continuity in symphonic prog style of music between TANTRA’s music and ARTNAT. With high compositional levels together with wild experimental themes, this is a colorful and multi ambiance work with top-level musicians, but with no technical show off.

Manuel Cardoso says about the project:

Well, after several excellent albums with TANTRA I felt that though in my heart and mind, I just felt like doing the same type of music, obviously with a natural evolution, being the only link to the original group I should use a different name. So ARTNAT just felt right… Mirrored word for an evolving music, like a mirrored dimension.

Still, to me, it’s just TANTRA´s evolution in the 21st century!”

Check out the album on Bandcamp: