The May Kscope Podcast: Nosound’s “Afterthoughts”

Kscope Music puts out an entertaining and informative monthly podcast featuring conversations with and performances by the label’s artists. It’s free, and you can subscribe to it via iTunes, or listen to it here.

This month’s podcast focuses on Nosound’s new release, Afterthoughts (see our review of this extraordinary album here). It features interviews with Giancarlo Erra and Chris Maitland, and we’ve embedded it below for your convenience!

Nosound, “Afterthoughts”–a must own (brief)

afterthoughts640After posting a brief note this weekend re: the forthcoming album from Nosound, “Afterthoughts,” Giancarlo Erra himself (!) contacted me.  What a gracious man he is.

Thanks to his good graces, I have now had a chance to listen to a preview/promo of the new album several times.  In fact, I’m on at least my sixth time.  And, I’ve the had the chance to listen to it on at least three different types of devices.

“Afterthoughts” is stunning.  I–and perhaps a few other progarchists as well–will review this fully.  But, if you’re looking for something to preorder, make sure this is it.  Fantastic, melancholic yet uplifting, intense, organic, deep, imaginative–everything you expect from Nosound and then some.  A 2013 must-own.

To preorder (and YOU SHOULD!), click here.



Also, in doing a brief bit of research on Nosound, I came upon this insightful interview from Prognaut: