VENTIFACTS’ Mixture of Unconventional and Catchy on “Chronic Town” is a Rewarding Experience

“Chronic Town” by Brattleboro, Vermont-based Ventifacts is an experimental rock album that explores the world of microtonal music. The band’s use of unconventional tunings and scales creates a sound that is both familiar and alien, with each track taking the listener on a journey through a variety of musical landscapes.

The record opens with “Wolves, Lower,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the album with its blend of pounding drumwork, courtesy of Connor Reilly, and intricate microtonal melodies by guitarists (and also singers) Damon Waitkus and Been Spees, as well as bassist Oliver Campbell. The band’s use of unconventional tunings and scales is particularly noteworthy, with each track featuring a unique and distinct sound.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “1,000,000,” which showcases the band’s ability to create complex and dynamic compositions that incorporate elements of microtonal music. Ventifacts’ use of unconventional chord progressions and dissonant intervals adds a layer of tension and unease that is truly unique.

The production on “Chronic Town” is excellent, with each instrument and vocals given a clear and distinct place in the mix. The use of unconventional tunings and scales is also well-executed, with each track featuring a unique and distinct sound which works extraordinarily well in the song format.

Overall, “Chronic Town” is an outstanding album that showcases Ventifacts’ mastery of the experimental rock genre and their approach to microtonal music. It is a must-listen for fans of “non-regular” and experimental music, and anyone looking for an intellectually stimulating and musically challenging listening experience. The band’s ability to blend elements of microtonal music into a cohesive and enjoyable rock album is truly impressive.

“Chronic Town” is available on Bandcamp.

Chronic Town by Ventifacts

Premiere: Experimental Rockers KALIKA Launch “Data Religion” EP


Maastricht, the Netherlands-based experimental rock quartet Kalika are releasing their sophomore EP “Data Religion” via Progarchy. Stream the EP in full below.

Named after the Hindu goddess Kali, on “Data Religion” Kalika tackle the theme of technology as a tool which can manipulate people pretty effectively. Singer and guitarist Prannay Sastry previously commented: “Today, personal data is freely available to the big data hoarders and is regularly misused. The EP examines a world in which things have gone wrong and there is a divide between the haves and have-nots of all this data. This divide is one of ownership – the data horders own the have-nots, leaving them powerless.

Kalika - Data Religion

Transferring a myriad of emotions through the six-track release, Kalika depicts the moments of darkness, happiness, as well as melancholy. About the EP’s flow, Sastry had to say the following:

We wanted to subvert the narrative arc that a lot of albums have by starting with the darker songs and ending on a lighter note. We carefully curated the order and the flow of the tracks so that the listener can go on their unique journey.

“Data Religion” is out today; stream it below. Follow Kalika on Facebook and Instagram.