Mini Moogs: Micro Reviews, Part I

Mini Moogs: Micro Reviews, Part I

Some rather extraordinary physical CDs have arrived at progarchy HQ recently.  Here’s a run-down of each, listed in no particular order—except how they’re stacked on my desk.

pohja konn
Estonian prog.

The top of the stack is from Estonia, Põhja Konn (meaning, in English, “The Dragon (or, strangely, enough “frog”) of the North”).  This is pretty amazing prog, though I have no clue what the lyrics or the CD-booklet state.  Embarrassingly enough, I thought the language was Finnish at first, only to realize—after some searching—that it’s Estonian.  I must admit, I love the art of the packaging—a cross between an Phish’s JUNTA and Big Big Train’s THE UNDERFALL YARD.  The music itself is unapologetically 1970s prog—with Squire-like bass, Howe-like guitar, and Banks-like keyboards.  That I don’t understand the lyrics actually makes this release even more interesting, as it adds more than an element of mystery to this whole thing.  Highly recommended.

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Novembre – Ursa – Album Review

Artist: Novembre Album Title: Ursa Label: Peaceville Records Date Of Release: 1 April 2016 This album has proved to be one of the most difficult to write during 2016 so far. And the reason for this is the simple fact that this album has had me torn in two for such a long time. However, […]