The Reasoning Honor Owain Roberts

reasoning missing personsFrom our friends, Matt and Rachel Cohen, of that astounding band, The Reasoning.  God bless, the Welsh.

Two years is a very long time, and yet it passes by so quickly. What have we really done over the past couple of years that we truly remember? How many people have we passed in the street and paid them no real attention? After all, why should we? What kinds of opportunities to visit particular places have we turned down over the past twenty-four months, or decided against… and what impact might those decisions have had on the present? Fate, destiny – an infinite number of questions, so many uncertainties, and endless faces in the crowd as we rush busily around in our day-today lives.

We all have our private moments of reflection, and we have certainly experienced many of those ourselves over the past couple of years. Quite honestly, not a day goes by when we don’t reflect on the “what ifs”. Could we have done more? Should we have tried the phone just one more time? Where on earth do we start to look? It goes without saying that we’re unable to answer a single one of these questions. We’ve therefore decided do something that is within our power to help maintain the search for our dear friend Owain and, in doing so, to raise some money for a wonderful charity that helps the families and friends of missing people.

This is how it’s going to work. On the second anniversary of Owain’s disappearance – March10th 2014 – we will be releasing as a download single a reworked song that Owain, Matt and Rach wrote together, entitled Pale Criminal. The track originally appeared on our EP And Another Thing……. This was in fact the last time that Owain wrote, recorded and played with the band. The song has subsequently taken on a huge personal meaning for all of us who share the great memories of having worked so closely together with Owain.

The track has been rearranged and recorded with just piano and vocals, and is beautiful, haunting, and very poignant. We hope very much that when you hear it, you will be reminded of the wonderful soul and spirit that Owain possesses. We also hope that the single will not only help to remind Owain that he is still greatly missed, but to raise awareness for missing persons more broadly, too. The single will only be available through our BandCamp site with all proceeds going to

Owain, if you read this, hear the song or just feel the need to reach out, please get in touch and come home to your family and friends. We love you and we miss you xx



Blood, sweat, tears and chemistry
In stormy weather it’s down to you and me
Eternal returning – and starting over
Always reminding me.If I could have it all, if I could do it all, do it again
If becoming you means nothing new
Just more of the same.

Make me a memory don’t leave me alone
Cuts deep with every heartbeat
Our will to love survives.

Could be some kind of alchemy
‘Cause there’s no shelter: time’s up for you and me
Eternal returning – for a true pale criminal
It’s only destiny.


released 10 March 2014
Song Written by Matthew Cohen, Owain Roberts & Rachel CohenPale Criminal 2014

Vocals – Rachel Cohen
Piano – Robert Gerrard

Mixed & Mastered by Matthew Cohen & Robert Gerrard

To order the song and support the search for Owain Robert, please go here: