Stream of Consciousness

Rocco Pendola announces that iTunes is dead:

Digital downloads are dead. As reported by Billboard, digital music sales decreased — for the first time ever — by 5.7% in 2013. …

Apple wins no matter what happens. The record industry cannot hang its hat on the still-breathing iTunes Store. That’s a ticket to certain death. Put another way, iTunes will not be the sole long-term survivor, as digital sales go the way of the compact disc. That’s why Timothy D. Cook hedged his bets with streaming service iTunes Radio.

Three Cheers for William F. Buckley, Jr!

With apologies.  In my other life, I’m a historian and biographer.  That is, when I’m not reviewing prog (I’m always listening!).  I came across this exchange from September, 1955, and it made my heart smile.

Russell Kirk: “Nor do I own a radio, or any such contraption of the devil.”

William F. Buckley’s response: “To face life without a good high fidelity phonograph is to be doctrinaire about the industrial revolution, which is something we conservatives don’t, if you will remember, approve of being about ANYTHING.”

Thank you, Mr. Buckley.