Friday Night Progressive – 10th Anniversary Show

The Friday Night Progressive online radio show is celebrating its tenth anniversary tomorrow night (June 25, 2021) starting at 9PM EST. The show is hosted by Ron Marquiss, and it celebrates the best in independent progressive rock, instrumental, and fusion. The free show focuses on the more complex and technical side of the genre rather than the poppier stuff. You can find links to all the places you can listen to the show live over at their website:

Drive In Movie Band Cover (1)In addition to the tenth anniversary show, Ron is releasing a short album called Lines & Circles under the band name, Drive In Movie Band. The group features musicians from all around the world. This just under a half-hour album is all instrumental, highlighting the complex and jazz side of the genre. The first track even has a bit of an early King Crimson vibe. 

Lines & Circles has the following lineup: 

  • Ron Marquiss – Composition, Keys, Guitar, Bass
  • Jordan Marquiss – Drums
  • Joe Compagna – Bass
  • Nathan Ames – Guitar
  • Adrianne Simioni – Violin
  • Astraea Antal – Flute
  • Bret Harold Hart – Guitar and other instruments
  • Brent McDonald – Guitar and Keys
  • David Leiter – ELP sound FX

The albums are a way for Marquiss to cover the costs of running the free Friday Night Progressive radio show. You can check them out at the following links:

Melodic Revolution Records:

13 thoughts on “Friday Night Progressive – 10th Anniversary Show

  1. Interesting. Unfortuately, the Bandcamp page shows that it’s in ‘test’ mode with no music in there and the FridayNightProgressive website is not accessible. But I’m sufficiently intrigued to go back and check again later. Thanks for this pointer!

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      1. Thanks a lot, Bryan, not just for the corrections but also for the recommendation. This is some really good music. I’m yet to start listening to the radio show but I have it on my Mixcloud list.

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      2. Bryan Morey

        I listened to the show live, and it was great. They break down the album and play all the songs from it, and then they play some songs from the other projects/bands of the people who played on the album.

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  2. Tatsurou Ueda

    Happy 10th Anniversary, FNP!
    It’s been my Saturday morning ritual to listen to FNP and chat with good people in the chatroom (Tokyo time that is!).
    FNP has been a great source of finding new and brilliant music.
    Many more returns!

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  3. Roland Craig

    Once again, Ron Marquiss assembles a team of amazing talent and uses them all in just the right way to create an entertaining, and inspirational recording!

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  4. Nicholas Vradis

    I’m enjoying Lines and Circles very much. It feels like I am walking through an audio gallery of blissful thunderous and colorful paintings of spiritual energy and pure light manifesting into life and triumph. Truly inspiring!

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  5. Nickie Harte Kelly

    A wonderful outing from Ron and musical friends, so much territory covered and so ably by all, one might say it is universal in scope. Additionally to the pleasing earful you will enjoy, all funds go to benefit FNP, a stalwart on the progressive music netwaves and a show that is so supportive of the community.

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  6. Don Cramer

    Another imaginative and satisfying program by Ron, with impeccable musicianship to boot. His contributions to the progressive rock community are highly commendable and FNP has been my go-to source for years.

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