The Enid, Dust to Glory.

The Enid, one of the most iconoclastic progressive bands have ploughed their own furrow over the last 40 years guided by the individual (some might say bloody minded) vision of Robert John Godfrey, a unique musical visionary who polarises opinion with his outspoken critiques, yet he has driven The Enid forward for the last 40 years and with the current tour being his last hurrah with the band as he steps back and lets the young blood in the current revitalised incarnation take over, I was lucky to catch up with Robert, and Enid vocalist Joe Payne last month before they flew of to Japan, to talk about their latest opus Dust.

Robert John Godfrey


Robert is one of the most erudite musicians I have ever interviewed, an intelligent and passionate individual he has so many ideas that we would veer off topic at a regular occurrence including several off the record chats that sadly I cannot reproduce here, witty, self deprecating and very down to earth I think when he steps aside from the stage work he should do a few ‘Evening with…’ theatre shows.

We started our chat by talking about their mighty fine new album Dust and Robert explained the albums concept and themes,

‘Basically there is stardust round and round us, and it’s the culmination of a trilogy, Dust is a prophetic look at where we’ve got to.

It’s about 7 things represented by a seven-point star, there are six things that are on a collision course with massive consequences, the environment vs consumerism, the sacred and the secular and wealth and poverty.

The seventh is something that might have been implicit at the Big Bang, when you got a Terry Pratchett disc world and the 6 points are all fighting each other and this enormous problem us something the next generation has to sort out is the legacy of the mess my generation have made. In this pretty devastated place at the end of it all you’ve got Love, which you must have had in place at the start.

Love, it’s what you’re left with at the end and the stuff of creation, the message that was behind (classic Enid album) Something Wicked this Way comes.

Is this the end? A punishment or a great forest fire, a reset. The trilogy is about the relationship between the one and the many.

It’s about being interested in ideas of mortality and what it means to be a believer, I honestly don’t know and don’t pretend to know.

I’ve spent my life half rationalising against the idea of God and the other half talking to him’ Continue reading “The Enid, Dust to Glory.”

Robert John Godfrey’s Sad News

Robert John Godfrey, maestro of The Enid, has written to members of fan club The Enidi confirming the sad news that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He writes

I suppose I had “known” that I was ill for maybe a year. I began to notice changes with the way I perceived my surroundings and with my day to day activities. I felt there was something wrong and I suspected it might be dementia (or worse).

My diagnosis has come as no surprise. It is just my very short term memory that is different and my ability to recall the names of people I know well. I still have all my long term memories – I probably will have right up to the end. My intellect still seems as good as ever, though that will probably not last. I have not noticed any changes with regard to my creative abilities and so far nothing has changed with regard to playing the piano.

The search now begins for a successor. Robert hopes he will have two or three years in which to get this new band member settled in the role:

He will need to be young and have a good piano technique with a background in classical/romantic music rather than jazz; a knowledge of music technology; a talent for finding a good tune and a thorough understanding of harmony. Above all he will need to be generous in spirit and willing to collaborate with those who have different but nevertheless just as valuable abilities as his own.

Robert signs off with characteristic grace and dignity:

I have had a great life doing nothing but music – I have wonderful friends within the band and the Enidi. I feel very much loved and appreciated – I lost any fear of death many years ago and the story of my life will come full circle as indeed it must. A symphony with a silence at either end.

God bless you, sir.

Scam involving The Enid. Beware.

Dear Bradley,



If past releases by these Tin Pan Alley scumbags purporting to be something special are anything to go by, this latest scam is very likely to be just another naff attempt to rip you off.

I can tell you now that Inner Sanctum does not possess the original masters for any of these tracks. Therefore recordings can only have been compiled from ripped retail products which in the past have included washed out cassettes and second hand vinyl served up as “digitally remastered”. We posses all the original masters here at Enid HQ.

Whatever may be the content of the claimed exclusive 2,000 word commentary on The Enid’s chequered history”, it has not been authorised by the band and could consist of almost anything.

So – If you do decide to buy this item from Inner Sanctum and it turns out not entirely to your satisfaction, send it back and demand a refund.


Yours as ever,

Robert John Godfrey