Oak Releases Live-in-Studio Version of “Silent Night”

Ok, so I’m a few days late on this one. Norwegian prog band Oak have released their own version of the classic Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” They’ve given it their own arrangement, and it is uniquely their own.

Also a list of my favorite albums of the year should be coming to Progarchy this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I recently moved states to start a new job (my first full-time job post grad school!), so things have been a little hectic as of late. There should also be several reviews forthcoming of physical CDs sent to Progarchy in 2019, so stay tuned for that as well. (And for the artists who sent us physical CDs – no we haven’t forgotten about you! It’s just been a very busy year for me, and I’m the official Progarchy physical address.)

Anyways, here’s Oak’s “Silent Night.” Enjoy.

Matt Stevens’s Silent Night.

Two things I never hide: my love of Christmas Music and my love of the music of guitarist Matt Stevens. Matt is one of our single best living guitarists. Here, he puts his own very reverent and tasteful twist on a holiday classic. You can listen to it for free. If you like it, please purchase a download copy. It’s very much worth supporting Matt–as an artist and an entrepreneur.