Space Elevator II (May 25) @SpaceElevatorUK @TheDuchessSpace

Here’s a taste of the new album Space Elevator II coming on May 25 from Space Elevator:

There’s a new mix on the new album of a track from their first album. As a preview, here is the frenetic new video for the song:

Why can’t the Duchess be the new Doctor Who? She’d be amazing…

In the first episode, she could travel back in time to get Genesis to sing a song about her on Duke.

The First Band in Space! @TheDuchessSpace @SpaceElevatorUK

Hey, all you prog people, forget about concept albums.

How about a concept concert?

Here’s the concept:

Who will be the first rock band to rock out in space?

Well, it’s not just a dream.

Space Elevator is already making plans!

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