The First Band in Space! @TheDuchessSpace @SpaceElevatorUK

Hey, all you prog people, forget about concept albums.

How about a concept concert?

Here’s the concept:

Who will be the first rock band to rock out in space?

Well, it’s not just a dream.

Space Elevator is already making plans!

Read all about it:

A Scots guitarist is ready to make space history with the first band to play live at the edge of the atmosphere — after an out- of-this-world deal with Canada’s leading space agency.

One of the first projects they came up with was shooting the group’s video to their track Space Elevator at Thoth’s giant Algonquin Radio Observatory earlier this month.

At a massive 150ft in diameter, it is Canada’s biggest steerable satellite dish, specialising in tracking and communications services with interplanetary spacecraft.

And the Scot and his group — which also includes a lead singer known only as The Duchess along with drummer Brian Greene and bass player Chas Maguire — got to climb up the giant antenna for the cameras.

But it’s playing on top of the real Space Elevator that David and the group have now set their sights on.

At 20km up, the tip of the tower would be in the stratosphere where the group would have to wear spacesuits to prevent them suffering from the fatal condition gas embolisms — or bubbles in the blood.

But Thoth plan to get around this problem by building a space hotel, where all guests would remain inside before boarding spacecraft that would take off from their runway like conventional aircraft.

David explains: “The whole problem about getting into space is apparently the amount of energy that you need to get up there in the first place.

“Thoth’s plan with the Space Elevator is that you are already 20km high so you could launch more conventional-type craft, that could then fly into space and return to refuel. Brendan already has the patents for North America and Europe and predicts it could actually be built in five years using existing materials and technology. That’s the key thing here, as they are not waiting for new materials to be invented first.

“That is what makes the whole concept such a feasible proposition.”

Now David and his band hope their unusual partnership will literally take his group to another level. He says: “It is amazing to think we came up with the name Space Elevator and ended up dealing with a company who are actually trying to build a real space elevator.

“So we could start off playing on Thoth’s giant satellite dish and end up performing at the edge of space.

“I really think that one day we will be gigging at the top of this elevator. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Going from Glasgow to the Galaxy.”


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