New TransAtlantic Video and the Elegance of Second Nature

Radiant Records posted this just today.  Well worth watching and admiring.


Album cover of the year?  Rivaled only by Cosmograf's Capacitor.
Album cover of the year? Rivaled only by Cosmograf’s Capacitor.

Also, though I will offer a proper review soon, let me take this moment to praise the new Flying Colors’ album, Second Nature.  I thought the first album was a great AOR album.  It’s become my oldest son’s favorite album (all of the Birzers love everything Morse does, to be completely honest).  For me, it was amazing, but it should’ve and could’ve been a bit more so.

Not only is Second Nature “a bit more so,” it’s a HUGE bit more so.  I’m not even sure quite how to label it except as proggy-AOR or gospel AOR.

The song writing is excellent, but what really makes the album is the intertwining of McPherson’s and Morse’s vocals.  They seemed a bit stilted as a team on the first album.  On this album, they’ve clearly discovered how to play off of each other, to better the other.

The end result of Second Nature is something that can only be described as elegant.

Shakespearean Prog: Galahad’s Lastest Video, SEIZE THE DAY

The first of several EPs from Galahad in 2014.
The first of several EPs from Galahad in 2014.

Granted, it would make far more sense to think of Galahad, at least by the band’s title, as Arthurian prog, but Stu Nicholson’s profound sense of drama carries with it a distinctly Shakespearean air.  I, for one, am completely taken with it.

Glad to see Galahad release this video today.  Very nice cinematography and sound, and it’s inspiring to witness and enjoy the energy Stu and the band bring to the stage.  Not to be missed.

The video’s release coincides with the release of the latest ep from the band, SEIZE THE DAY.  Please support this brilliant band in any way you can.