Mini Review: Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks

ImageVan Morrison, Astral Weeks.  1968.  This album is an insightful and penetrating introspection without ever falling into pure naval gazing.  And, nobody writes better about the beginnings of love than Van Morrison.  Possibly there exists something profound in the Celtic soul.  Chesterton argued that the Irish were those the Gods made mad.  Perhaps, this explains something.  Or not.  As I understand it, the album was done in only three sessions with the jazz musicians–who had never met one another–being given the music when they entered the studio.  Happily, it possesses of the overproduced pop sound of its predecessor, Brown Eyed Girl.  Astral Weeks is perfect for an autumn day.  Or, really, for any day.

One thought on “Mini Review: Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks

  1. carleolson

    Brad: Have you ever read my StAR essay (2002, I think), “The Incarnational Art of Van Morrison”? Perhaps I’ll post it here sometime. By the way, his new album is really good, his best in about 7 or 8 years, I think. Great jazz vibe; wonderfully arranged, with warm Blue Note production.



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