Mini-review: Radiohead, “Kid A”

ImageRadiohead, Kid A (2000).  While I don’t worship at the altar of Radiohead or Thom Yorke, I very much appreciate them.  While Ok, Computer did a wonderful job of bringing a 1990s feel to 70s Alan Parsons and other proggish-bands of the mid 1970s, Kid A offered something radically new and mesmerizing in the world of music.  Intense lyrics about the problems of post modernity and scientism only add to the haunted and haunting quality of the album.  Though Ok, Computer has better moments, punctuating the imitative proginess of two decades earlier, Kid A has no flaws as it explores a fascinating new realm of bleak soundscapes.  The lyrics of Kid A, however, remain unimportant, ultimately, as Thom Yorke’s voice serves as another instrument on the album.  The producer, Nigel Godrich, deserves credit for being an equal member of the band.  The opening track, “Everything in its right place,” sums up the production, the album, and its place in history.  A masterpiece.

5 thoughts on “Mini-review: Radiohead, “Kid A”

  1. carleolson

    Brad: It sometimes takes a while to worship at the Radiohead altar. The key question for now: you do have the altar in your house, right? 😉 “OK Computer” messed me up when I first heard it; I wore it out. What struck me, after a few listens, was the jazz influence. Sure enough, I then read an interview in with Yorke spoke of the big influence that Mile Davis and “Bitches Brew” had on that album. Yep, I knew it! Some folks have pointed to Aphex Twin as a big influence on “KId A”; I’m not sure, as I don’t have much AT.


  2. I hated this album when it was first released, because it was such a repudiation of the music they perfected on The Bends and OK Computer. Now I love it. However, my favorite Radiohead “album” is the second disc of the deluxe edition of OK Computer, which is all the singles and b-sides from that period of their career.

    By the way, I like really like the idea of these mini-reviews!


    1. Thad, eager to see your own mini-reviews! And, for some reason, I could always immerse myself in Kid A and Amnesiac, where I always felt “next to” “Ok Computer.” Carl, no altars at the moment, though I’d be happy to become Eastern Rite! I don’t know Aphex Twins. I’ll have to check to them out. Miles Davis seems pretty logical as an influence. Thanks for that!


    2. Thad, I have the ep–airbag/who am I driving. The songs are Airbag, Pearly, Meeting in the Aisle, A Reminder, Polyethylene (parts 1 and 2), Melatonin, and Palo Alto. Are these the same tracks as on the deluxe edition?



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