Prog Magazine 31 (iPad) Now Available

Sadly, for North American prog fans, it’s really, really difficult to get ahold of the excellent British magazine, Prog.  When I do find copies in some of the larger bookstores, the issues are always several months behind.  One good solution for those of us not living in the U.K. or Europe is to get the iPad version.  It comes out when the magazine is released, and the content (everything but the CD) is complete.

The new issue (31) came out yesterday, and it’s excellent.

2 thoughts on “Prog Magazine 31 (iPad) Now Available

    1. Scot, nice to know. We stop at Hastings whenever we can find them. Not sure there’s any other bookstore or magazine outlet quite like it. First bought Radiohead’s OK Computer in 1997 in the Helena, Montana, Hastings. None around here, sadly.



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