Sola Music!

Dear Progarchy friends,

Thanks so much for being so willing to give this new site a chance.  I’m amazed and thrilled at the response we’ve gotten.  Indeed, your response has been far better than Carl, Chris, or I had originally hoped.  And, we can have big dreams!  So, again, thank you profoundly.

Each of the members and writers share only three things in common: we’re all human beings; we really like each other; and we love music.

That said, we each hold a lot of different ideas (naturally) regarding politics, religion, etc.  And, some of us are quite active writing about things besides music–the type of things (especially religion and politics!) that can divide rather than unite.

One of the most important reasons Carl, Chris, and I started Progarchy was for the very reason that we wanted to talk about music free of politics, etc., and take a break from our ordinary (or bizarre, depending upon your point of view) political and religious criticism and analysis.

Please know that THIS site will be free of politics.

Additionally, and most importantly, we have an active Facebook page here.  I’m still figuring out how to work it correctly.  But, we’d be honored [for our British friends, please make that “honoUred”] if you “like” us there and join in the conversation there as well as here.

Thanks again for everything.  Here’s to Progarchy!  Yours, Brad, Carl, and Chris (eds)

3 thoughts on “Sola Music!

  1. carleolson

    Crap. I just finished writing a 10,000 word blog post titled, “Anarchy, Libertarianism, Right-wing Ditties, Left-Wing Rappers, Gender Warfare, Queer Theory, the Trilateral Commission and the Apolitical Ascent of Progressive Music”. Maybe I’ll submit it to Huffington Post? 😉 But, seriously, good idea and policy. There are, from what I understand, a lot of political blogs out there. (Ha!) And while music can often address political issues, this site can only benefit from staying out of that fray. This should be where we ask age old questions such as, “Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree?”, “Will there ever be a chart-topping country-prog band?”, and “If Jon Anderson had become a Druid high priest instead of a singer, where would prog be today?”



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