Caveat Emptor: Future Media Publications

One of the last things I want to spend time on (mine or yours) is writing about things I don’t like on Progarchy.  Simply put, there’s too much good in music to waste on trash.  And, not surprisingly, I’m generally not very good at criticizing anyway.

But be warned, the packaged magazine now available in the U.S. at Barnes & Noble’s entitled “The Cure and the Story of the Alternative 80s” is a complete waste of printing materials.

I came across it this past weekend while in Grand Rapids, and I was quite taken with the title.  Coming from Future Media (makers of the excellent PROG) and complete with 15 track cd, I’d assumed this would be good.  It’s not.  The cd has absolutely nothing from The Cure, and the magazine devotes only five pages of text (out of a total of 130 pages) to The Cure.  None of the information is new to any one who has even the slightest interest in The Cure.

I’d assumed Future Media packaged and sealed their publications to keep the magazines and the cds in good form.  As it turns out, Future Media seals the magazines to present its products in a false fashion.

So, take my advice, and avoid this magazine like the plague.  A complete and total waste of $15.

Rant over.

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