Beardfish: Destined Solitaire…. a brief review

Destined Solitude

Beardfish are another of the wave of Scandinavian bands to grace us with their music in the last decade or so. Heralding from Sweden they have been around since 2001.

I had heard of the band but never listened to their music. Various people had recommended their latest album ‘The Void’ but I first got hold of one of their earlier albums ‘Destined Solitaire’, released in 2009.

What can I say other than, for me, this has the ‘Wow’ Factor.

Perusing Wikipedia (dangerous I know), they are likened to Genesis and Yes…..mmmmm, not so sure about that………..yes, they are labelled as ‘Prog’ but they are light years away from these Classic Prog bands.  Avant-garde certainly, their imaginations run riot through this album. To me the music conjures up a meeting between Frank Zappa and The Marx Brothers, it’s that zany and madcap. There are an incredible amount of different influences prevalent, from prog through jazz with even some ‘growling’ metal. They are refreshingly unique in a genre where that’s very difficult to be.

These Swedish guys are certainly talented and incredibly inventive. They are the spawn of the Mothers of Invention!

This album is complex and long but rewards perseverance. It took me three listens just to begin to appreciate it and I’m sure that with repeat listening more of its treasures will be revealed.

If you like eccentric,  surreal 70s style music (with a lot of Hammond organ),  I heartily recommended this album.

My journey has just started with this unusual band. Their latest album is winging its way through the Christmas post.  I wait with anticipation.


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