Frost* – Back With A Bang

Jem Godfrey has just dropped a couple of Frost* bombshells on his blog.

First, they’ve just finished working with Magenta’s Rob Reed at Rockfield Studios in Wales on a DVD. The disc features five Frost* songs taken from Milliontown and Experiments In Mass Appeal plus a new song, Heartstrings. Proceeds will be used to fund production of the new album.

Actually, that should be albumS, plural. Jem’s second bombshell is that the band’s new work will be released as two albums, six months apart – the first later this year, the second by Spring of 2014. Apparently, “it’s too big a story to be told over a single hour”!

The core line-up for both albums will be Jem, John Mitchell, Craig Blundell and Nathan King. Various guest appearances are planned, including one from Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess.


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