Hayward on Phish on Genesis on Progarchy

Well, the title isn’t exactly right.  But, hey, the world’s best biographer of the 40th president of the United States likes us.  That counts for something.  In fact, it counts for a heck of a lot.  Thanks, Steve Hayward!

I just yesterday stumbled across the obscure cultural fact that at the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Phish—one of those hippie-jam band successors to the Grateful Dead—opened the proceedings with a dead-on cover of one of the oldest and least accessible tunes ever done by Genesis: “Watcher of the Skies,” from Genesis’s 1972 album “Foxtrot.”   The thing about “Watcher” is that it’s one of those prog tunes that takes a long time to get going, and once you’re finally under way. . . well, let’s just say it’s an acquired taste and leave it at that.  (Though I’ll admit it is a taste I fully acquired in college in the late 1970s.  Must have been all that second-hand smoke. . .)

To keep reading at Powerline (one of the most influential websites in the world. . . yeah, I’m not letting this one go easily), click here.

4 thoughts on “Hayward on Phish on Genesis on Progarchy

  1. This is just classic! The looks on the faces are priceless. And “Watcher of the Skies” is one of the great prog tunes, and in my mind any tunes, ever. It’s really too bad that cotton candy has become the reigning pop music of the day. Don’t forget, early Genesis from “Foxtrot” and growing through And “Then There Were Three filled coliseums”. I wager that simply could not happen today. Thanks for posting this!



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