Neal Morse DVD, “Momentum Live,” out February 2013.

ArtiosCAD PlotGreat news just arrived from Chris Thompson, one of Progarchy’s favorite guys in the prog world.  Chris, as probably all readers of Progarchy know, is Neal Morse’s manager.  The video he posted is especially worth previewing.  Richard Schwartz was at this concert, but Mark Widhalm and I attended the next night in Chicago.  Brilliant.

So, without more Birzer bloviating, the good news. . .

Radiant Records Announces“LIVE Momentum”

Pre-Sales begin on February 1, 2013 at  

12:00 noon (CST) AND Neal will autograph the first 200 sold from Radiant   

Available Worldwide on February 19, 2013 

Nashville, TN-When progressive rock icon Neal Morse was preparing to tour his highly acclaimed 2012 studio release, “Momentum,” he turned to YouTube to audition touring players to support his faithful duo of Mike Portnoy (drums) and Randy George (bass).

He had high hopes, but the final players selected from more than 70 applicants dramatically surpassed his expectations. They hit the road for an 8-stop North American tour. And now that band’s epic New York performance is captured on the new  “Live Momentum” 2DVD/3CD Box Set.

Fortified by the energetic live contributions of Eric Gillette (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Bill Hubauer (key-boards, violin, sax, vocals) and Adson Sodré (guitar and vocals), Morse, Portnoy and George blazed through two lengthy sets that spanned Morse’s entire, highly-heralded catalog, with the exception of material from “Testimony 2,” which was previously captured in 2011’s “Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles” box set.

The setlist is mammoth. The players are virtuosic. Their performances are jaw-dropping. And this dynamic box set documents it all-including a special one-hour behind the scenes look at the tour.

It’s a Morse tradition to go big, and this new release unquestionably extends his powerful legacy of merging musical madness with addictive melodies in epic compositions that showcase the masterful musicianship of every member on stage.

“Live Momentum” reveals the exceptionally inspired nature of this unique band and leaves listeners and viewers mimicking those in the audience on this tour-shaking their heads and wondering, “How could they possibly top that?”

This ENORMOUS 2 DVD / 3CD set includes over 4 hours of video, including and exclusive Tour Documentary and over 3 hours of audio.

Get ALL the details at


Check out the video trailer here!


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