New interview with Leah

Remember Leah? There’s a great new interview with her over at Louder Than Hell.

Here’s a sample, from which you can get an idea of what she’s currently up to:

LTH: What can your fans expect from your shows?  What aspect of your band brings in crowds?

In the future, fans can expect to see more records from me, and special projects. I’m very experimental, so you may see medieval Christmas songs, or electronica, or symphony orchestras. Nothing is off the table with me. I do hope to tour in the future, and I know it will be an amazing show, though I can’t promise any dates at this time.

LTH: Chemistry within a band very is important. When the band originally formed, what was it about playing with the other musicians that made you the most impressed? What is it about the chemistry between the members that makes the band unique?

In my particular music career, the songs came first, and the players came after. Most of the musicians on my record were people I brought in specifically for my project. And because I’ve mainly been a recording artist, not a performing artist, I haven’t had a solid band line-up. As of now, I am putting together my band for special performances. In the future I’d love to have a solid, long-term band that will collaborate with writing and create a whole new sound together. In any band, chemistry is important. It’s amazing how you can connect with players musically, but you might not connect with them in other areas of life. That’s what I love about music: it brings down barriers and brings people together.

LTH: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your music. Do you have a special event like a concert or tour coming up that you’d like to discuss? What’s next for the band?

What’s next for me is developing my live show, writing and recording more albums, hopefully doing some music videos, and a little side project I have with Eric Peterson from Testament and Dragonlord! I’m very excited about that project and am looking forward to beginning our writing sessions for that very soon!


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